Recommended foods

Following are the best natural dog foods on the market, in no particular order.

Each passed the veterinarian-approved Healthy Label Test with flying colors, so you can be sure that they are complete, balanced and healthy for your dog.

Each dog is different, so it is always a good idea to run a new food by your veterinarian before feeding it to your dog.

Click "view" in the right column to jump to the Healthy Label Test results and click on the product name for more details about each dog food.

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Note: If you review the Healthy Label Test results for a particular product below, you may notice test responses that don't match the label. In addition to evaluating the label, we have further researched each dog food company listed. In some cases, useful information not found on the label is included in other company documents.
No.BrandProd. nameScore 
1.Blue BuffaloWilderness Duck & Chicken Grill5view
2.California NaturalLow Fat Rice & Lamb Meal Adult5view
3.Castor & PolluxOrganix Weight Management Dry Dog Food5view
4.Darwin'sNatural Selections Meals - Duck & Vegetable5view
5.Dr. Harvey'sVeg-to-Bowl4view
6.HaloSpot's Stew Canned Dog Food5view
7.InnovaAdult Dry Dog Food5view
8.Missing LinkCanine Formula4view
9.Nature's LogicCanine Dry Kibble (Chicken, Lamb, Venison, Duck & Salmon)5view
10.Nature's LogicCanine Raw Frozen Formula (Chicken, Beef)5view
11.Nature's VarietyRaw Frozen Diet for Dogs (Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Venison, Rabbit, Chicken)5view
12.Nature's VarietyPrairie (Chicken & Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Venison)5view
13.Party AnimalOrganic Gourmet Canned Dog Food 5view
14.Primal Pet FoodsRaw Dog Food5view
15.Solid GoldCanned Dog Food (Turkey & Ocean Fish, Chicken & Liver, Lamb & Brown Rice)5view
16.Solid GoldHundchen Flocken Lamb Puppy Food5view
17.WellnessJust for Puppy Canned Formula5view
18.Wellness COREReduced Fat Grain-Free Canine Diet5view
19.WenaeweAdult Vegetarian Dry Dog Food5view

Note: We continue to research the best natural and organic dog foods on the market and will add them as we find them.

If your dog food of choice is not on the list, click here to sign up for the Healthy Label Test to make sure your food makes the grade!
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